Compared to Phil Lamarr?!

I was recently compared to Phil Lamarr. From what I’ve seen and heard of this particular voice actor/comedian…I am extremely flattered! I now have to live up to those “expectations.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get the part of the steward in the rather appealing radioplay, Into the Woods. I’m already over it, I guess.

Well, I hope you all have an amazing rest of your Christmas’! 🙂


“I’ve already…”

I’m already preparing to send my lines for my character, Yuusaku Kitamura, in Toradora! and am waiting for the results of another audition I recently had. I plan on recreating my demo reel (so look forward to that).

I’m still a little bitter that L.G. is only, to my knowledge, scripting the first chapter of Toradora! Yuusaku Kitamura is becoming one of my favorite characters in manga. We’ll see.

Politely Waiting…

While waiting for the script for Toradora!, I’ve decided to start auditioning again. A couple projects have caught my attention (not certain if I’ll actually go through with them so there is no need to mention them). I’m a little bumbed that L.G. is only creating one episode for Toradora! I have a feeling it will be both scary and fun…I hope he’ll reconsider.

Artemis Wasabi’s Into the Woods Radio Play is quite appealing to me. I auditioned days back (before the original due date) and can’t wait to see the finalized cast list…the deadline has, unfortunately, been extended to Dec. 20th.

Later, everyone.


Today was a good day for me!

I recieved a message from L.G., a producer of lovely acting projects. He said my demo was “nice and cool” and offered me the role of Yuusaku Kitamura. Of course, I accepted.

Things are looking up swiftly for me…even with all the puffs and unwanted sounds of my first try at a demo reel. 😉

Toradora Project

My First Demo Reel!

To add to my list of firsts, I’ve created a short, simple demo. I’ll be sure to mix it as my resume grows.


Click Here

My First Audition (for the second time)!

I’ve sent in my audition for Into The Woods Radioplay today! Iwent for the part of the Steward. He doesn’t sing and it’s a minor role experience in voice acting to be.

Wish me luck on getting it!

“I really need to get my own money.”

Lesson: I really need to get my own money.

I should of known better than to rely on someone else for recording time. My fault. But…on a lighter note, I WILL be able to record on Monday afternoon! 🙂